Jenifer Rajkumar

65th District Leader


Jenifer Working with Local Children
Dear Neighbors,

I look forward to continuing to serve our neighborhood with dedication, energy, and passion, and to expanding my work in our community for years to come. My commitment to serving our district and my vision for the future we can build together grows every day.  I am asking for your vote on September 10th.

I know that there is more that can be done and that we can build on the many successes we have achieved. Let’s continue to work together to surpass all our goals and expectations and create a better community for all of us and our families.  I know that with your support we will succeed.

Your District Leader,


What the Press Says

“...her intelligence, her ability to quickly get to the heart of the issue and her diligence give us hope.”


“Local Heroine”

-The Broadsheet

A “Rising Star”
in New York City


“I am very proud to be supporting and endorsing Jenifer Rajkumar for reelection as DL in the 65th AD. I've known her and I've watched her and its clear that whether as a civil rights attorney working on gender discrimination cases or a grassroots community organizer, Jenifer has demonstrated time and again her ability and her interest and her willingness and her energy in building diverse coalitions to tackle community problems and to lead. I've worked with her over the last few years and I know firsthand that Jenifer is a very strong voice for families, for tenants, for education, for the community. I am proud to be supporting her today. I can think of no worthier candidate for district leader and I urge everyone to join me and support her as she runs for election as District Leader downtown, to continue serving the people so well.”


"Jenifer has been an outstanding leader for her constituency. A lot of important people are here to endorse Jenifer and to stand with her. Manhattan needs more women like Jenifer. New York State needs more women like Jenifer. Our country needs more women like Jenifer elected on the Democratic line. I stand with my community, with my fellow elected officials, with the Public Advocate, and with other members of Congress in endorsing her for re-election..."


"Her fight to preserve usable open space in the community and to save the North Cove Marina has built a permanent grassroots network to continue voicing the community's priorities and concerns to the Battery Park City Authority... ”


"Working along with community leaders in a collaborative way, she was able to persuade the MTA to restore services on the M9 bus route linking the Lower East Side to the historically underserved Battery Park City. Now that's a big thing. That wasn't easy to change. We all had to join her advocacy. We got the bus line expanded to Bellevue Hospital. She was there to fight and save it and make it happen."


“Jenifer represents the best and the brightest. She has worked with the office of Public Advocate on a wide variety of issues. When we focused on the state of our public health system, we reached out to Jenifer. She was a part of our effort when we sponsored town halls all across the City of New York on mayoral control of our public school system. Jenifer has been an instrumental part of the office of Public Advocate. And she is on the ground. I respect people who are on the ground. I support and I respect elected officials who are on the ground getting the work done and speaking to people on an everyday basis. She has a pure heart. She is worthy of re-election and more.”


and many more...

Gale Brewer


Keith Wright


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